“Guns In DC” is an audio slideshow about three perspectives on gun violence in Washington, DC. Photography, audio, editing and production by Jacquelyn Martin for the Associated Press. Please note that audio begins immediately once clicked.


“Ruffly Legal” is a video shot, edited, and produced by Jacquelyn Martin as a participant in the NPPA Multimedia Immersion Workshop on the Canon 5D Mark II camera.


The Akhil Bharatiya Mahila Ashram in Dehradun, India is home to 50 girls ages 8-18 from impoverished communities across India, giving them an education, housing, food, and religious instruction. The girls take care of each other preparing their meals, cleaning their living areas, braiding each others hair, and studying together. They say that living in the girls hostel has given them confidence that women can do anything men can do in India. This photo project was accompanied by an audio slideshow, and written article all produced and reported by Jacquelyn Martin, during vacation time and distributed by the Associated Press.


Link to read the written article by Jacquelyn Martin about the ashram published by the Associated Press.