Tribe of Ghosts: Reportage

Burning in the daylight and hunted in the shadows, having albinism can be a death sentence for Tanzanians. Since 2006 more than 100 people with albinism, a genetic condition characterized by a lack of pigment in the body, have been physically attacked in the East African nation, 71 of whom died. Approximately 1 in every 1,400 people in Tanzania has albinism, compared to the world average of 1 in 20,000. Despite these high numbers misinformation about the condition abounds. Attacks by witch doctors, who use albino body parts in potions said to bring riches, have led the government to place children and adults with albinism into centers for their own safety. Although physically safe they are often stranded in the centers, many over-crowded boarding schools, with little long-term plan for their futures. Those who are able to stay in their villages face a life of isolation and fear, ostracized by their communities.